• Paper abstracts of 300 words (including references), or poster descriptions of 150 words, should be submitted by 15.01.2020 to alonetogether2020@gmail.com
  • (Format of a poster should be A1: 59,4 cm x 84,1 cm, vertical or horizontal. If you want to send the poster before the symposium, it can be posted to: dr. Małgorzata Wałejko, Uniwersytet Szczeciński, ul. Krakowska 71-79, 71-017 Szczecin, Poland)
  • Abstract reviews will be returned within three weeks of receipt (and therefore at the latest by 5.02.2020).
  • The conference fee should be paid by 29.02.2020.

When you register for the symposium, please inform us of any particular diet & access needs (e.g. vegetarian, Kosher, gluten free, flat access).

The conference fee 

Bookings are open now with discounted rates available for staff of the Institute of Pedagogy of the University of Szczecin. Delegate rates cover attendance at the full three-day conference (including lunches and refreshments) and the cost of the concert.  The formal dinner is paid for separately.  Accommodation is not included.

Standard delegate rate 560 PLN / 113 GBP / 133 EURO / 146 US$

Institute of Pedagogy University of Szczecin staff rate 425 PLN

Formal dinner (optional extra) 250 PLN / 50 GBP / 60 EURO / 65 US$

The price in PLN is fixed; the price in other currencies will be regularly updated to reflect changing exchange rates, but the price on this website at the time of booking will be honoured.

The conference fee should be transferred to the bank account of the University of Szczecin. The fee can be paid in your country’s currency.

When transferring the money, please pay attention to possible additional fees imposed by your bank.

Uniwersytet Szczeciński / University of Szczecin

Al. Jana Pawła II 22a

70 453 Szczecin


Ul. Wyszyńskiego 1

70 – 200 Szczecin

46 1050 1559 1000 0022 8790 4474


IBAN: PL 46 1050 1559 1000 0022 8790 4474


Everyone will be emailed a receipt for the payment made.  Please provide the following information when registering for the symposium:

  • First name and surname / institution name
  • Postal address
  • Tax ID (if necessary)
  • Will you attend the formal dinner?

Szczecin University can issue receipts only by the end of the month your transfer was made and only in Polish currency.

Research Student Scholarship

The University of Szczecin generously offers a competitive scholarship for attendance at the Alone Together Again symposium. Research students from the University of Szczecin who submit abstracts or  poster descriptions for the symposium will be independently judged, and the author of the best abstract / poster description will be offered the scholarship: exemption from the conference fee.

In addition to being currently registered as a research student at the relevant institution, these are the additional criteria used in judging the scholarship:

The successful abstract (of 300 words) / poster description (of 150 words) will be independently peer reviewed as most worthy of being accepted for the symposium:

a. relevance to the symposium theme; and

b. evidence of scholarship and research of national or international significance.

The judging will be completed by the Organizing Committee of ATA.

We are happy to announce that the Research Student Scholarship, which provides the winner with exemption from the conference fee, has been won by Ms. Joanna Flis for the abstract entitled: “Social phobia and internet addiction”.